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By Dulcie

Hello everybody , I’m Dulcie!
Some people may already know me, as I occasionally use mom’s Facebook page telling her friends about all the
“naughty” things I do (I don’t know what she means by that).
I was born in Russia with Sergey and Valeria. I moved to England when I was old enough. Since I came here though I have had many accidents that mommy thought was just because I didn’t know English, I now think its just because I’m very accident prone;
Novemeber 10th- New Boyfriend.
I’m not happy, I have just been mated to Billy it all was fine until mommy told me that I have to grow up now. Thats Ridiculous on so many levels! To be honest I can’t wait until I have puppies they might look like me when I was a puppy.

June 20th 2014- Walks by the River
Today we went on a walk with my 2 new friends, we had a brilliant time especially when we got chips by the river! Well I wasn’t meant to have chips, I didn’t know this so i jumped up and helped myself to some chips with curry sauce. It did make a bit of a mess of my face but it tasted good. I know chips are fatty but I worked them off by chasing a cat; The cat was fat so I thought I would help It lose weight. So people should be thanking me!

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June 10th 2014
I AM SO EXCITED!!!! My mommy has just told me that I am going to have a new Russian friend next week! Just think of all the things I can teach him!!!!
Dulcie xxx

June 4th 2014- SpiderDulcie 2
Hi Everyone, its Dulcie here. I just wanted you to know that daddy is cross with me today as he is tiding up the garden and putting a little fence around it! Well dad had just finished putting up the fence and I thought that he wanted us to go to the other part of the garden, so of course I wanted to help so I though I would save him a job and climb it for him. The thing is that I hadn’t realised that he had put fence stain on it, so It was all over my paws:(
Lots of Love
Dulcie xxx

May 21st 2014- Hips
Hello Everyone! Today We had my hip results back! Despite all the naughty climbing I have done mom told me that my hips are good at 4:3 and my elbows are perfect at 0:0. Ive proved mommy wrong :P.
See you soon
Dulcie xxxxx

May 3rd 2014- SpiderDulcie
Hey Everyone, I hope you are well! This morning mom gave me a new nickname, Spiderdulcie. Every morning mom goes out to the alpacas to give them breakfast, I’ve always wanted to help her as the buckets always look very heavy! The only problem is there is a gate in the way, I can’t go round it, I can’t go under it so have to go over it! It’s much too high for me to jump it as I only have little legs but I can climb it. I remember watching Spiderman and he can climb walls so I can. I got over and I saw mommy walking past I hid behind the trailer hoping mommy wouldn’t see me as she would be cross. I thought if I closed my eyes mom couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see her, Sadly mommy saw me. It's ok though she found it funny.
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Lots of love
Dulcie xxx

January 22nd 2014- The Blaster Incident.
Hello everybody, hope you are ok! Last week I got onto the grooming table and had a little chew on a cable (it did just jump in my mouth and it was a complete accident). Everything went a bit dark, mom said it was a power cut because of my little accident. She was very cross but dad managed to fix it. Just like Bob the Builder. Well, I’m telling you this now because it happened again today, on moms blaster. She was crosser with me as the Manchester show is tomorrow. She had to wait For daddy to come home and to fix it again.
Talk to you soon!
Dulcie xx

July 14th 2013- Hair Hoover
Hi Everybody, Today I went to a show. Whilst I was there I saw lots of Golden Retriever hair that was just left on the floor, So I decided that something had to be done! I collected it all with my mouth and took it to my mom.
Selfie time:
Pasted Graphic
Talk to you soon
Dulcie xx

June 19th 2013- My new sport...
Hello everyone, I’ve just got back from gun dog training! I did very well, I brought the dummy back to my sister Georgina! When I got home I came in to the lounge. I was very excited and I started to run around, I then saw some beautiful curtains but they were open I’m sure that mommy wanted them closed, so I decided to try and shut them with my mouth. I did make a small mess of them. It's ok though, Its being decorated next week.
Talk to you soon
Dulcie xxx

May 28th 2013- I’m Now a British citizen, this is how I celebrate...
привет (Hello in Russian) everyone! Its official I’m a British Citizen, Mommy has now registered me! In order to celebrate I got all the clean washing off the table and spread it all around the kitchen! Mom didn’t mind as it was just an accident!
Talk to you soon!
Dulcie xx
To be continued...